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Welcome to our website, where you can take the Alcohol Education Course and get certification online. Our goal in offering this course is to make it convenient for you to receive the required information at your leisure. Most major debit and credit cards are accepted. Call our offices for more information.

We only charge $20.00 after you complete all eight chapters, and we proctor you a test in the office.

This course is being offered online so you can take it at a time convenient to you. You can come and go as you please. Once you finish the course, all you have to do is print the page at the end and bring them to us. We will proctor a test to certify you were the one that did the test online. You will receive your card at that time. We offer classes at most of the resort properties in Las Vegas and Laughlin.

We also offer the class at the following classroom locations:

  • Riverside, Laughlin NV (Mondays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM)

Licensing Alcohol Awareness Certification is now through the Nevada Commission on Post Secondary Education. The law states that you must have a valid alcohol education card issued by a certified school. Our training complies with the Nevada state requirements.

To start, just click on the course link on the left of the page, and you will start your online training. You will have plenty of time to do the course. The law requires that you take a four-hour course in Alcohol Awareness Training to be certified. We also realize some people read and comprehend faster than other people do, so the time will vary depending on your comprehension.

There will be review pages throughout your lesson, and when you have completed the lesson and review pages, you will be able to print out a form and bring it in. A few more questions and you receive your card.