Overview of DUI Course

You must complete each of the chapters and the tests that follow each chapter. When you have completed all of the required reading and tests, you will be prompted to go to the final exam. There are 30 questions, and you must pass with 75% on your exam.

  • If you are unable to print out the test scores, someone in our office can pull them down from our server for you, make sure you have the correct email address you registered with. The cost of this course is only $125.00 payable by cash or credit card. Most major debit and credit cards are accepted. Upon payment received, you will be issued a course completion certificate. Contact our offices for more details.
  • This course does not exempt you from completing any community service or paying any court fines. It will be your responsibility to contact the courts if you want to confirm that you have additional requirements besides this DUI course.
  • This course does not exempt you from meeting any requirements of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. It is your responsibility to make sure all your DMV requirements have been fulfilled.
  • If you have any questions regarding DUI laws, please consult an attorney.

Print out your final exam score and bring it to our office at:

Las Vegas

Alcohol Educational Services, LLC

6625 S. Valley View Blvd., Suite #104Las Vegas, NV 89118

(702) 253-7821

Say NO to Drunk Driving

You have been ordered by the court in the State of Nevada to take this course because you were found guilty of DUI. This course will demonstrate the dangers of driving while intoxicated, and it will explain how your choice to drive while intoxicated will affect many people as well as your personal and professional life.

This course involves a careful examination of why it’s important for you not to drive under the influence of any intoxicant. As you read and complete this course, you will be given a thorough explanation of DUI laws, driving statistics, and the effects of intoxicants on one’s ability to drive as well as the health effects of abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

In an effort to break the boredom for you, the student, some light humor has been added to this course in the form of quotes or cartoons. This, in no way, means that we do not take your conviction seriously, nor does it mean that we are suggesting that you not take it seriously. The information in this course is intense and of a very serious nature.

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